COVID-19 Emergency Health Summit

news Public Call for a COVID Health Summit Date:    7 March 2020 To:       Concerned Health Freedom Advocates Re:       Emergency Coronavirus Natural Health Summit The Institute for Health Research, in collaboration with the Natural Solutions Foundation, Lost Arts Radio and a number of credentialed professionals hereby calls for an Emergency Coronavirus Health Summit, on the Internet, within the next few weeks. Over the past several years natural health advocates have successfully sponsored various Health Summits featured on the Internet, bringing together credentialed experts to discuss health issues from a natural, holistic perspective.  Many of these events have reached large audiences. For example, Natural Solutions Foundation, a nonprofit NGO – nongovernmental organization – established in 2004 by Rima E. Laibow MD and her late husband, US Army Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine…
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The Affordable Care Act's "Provider Nondiscrimination" Clause Requires Insurance Carriers to Cover Holistic and Integrative Therapies I have been working closely with an integrative practice in New Jersey for years helping them stand up to the state medical board and Horizon BCBS as their practice has been harassed since 2012. By the way, since this practice first opened in 2002, not one patient has ever filed a complaint.  When the state medical board and the largest insurer in the state set their sights on an alternative medicine practices, they usually shut the practice down. This is because most alternative providers can’t afford a multi-year a legal defense. However, with a little support from folks like you, a judge just ruled against Horizon BCBS as it asked the judge to rule in its favor without…
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Making Health Insurers Follow the Rules

research Help Get REAL Healthcare Paid For vs. Continue Funding Disease Care Making Health Insurers Follow the Rules Opinion by Ralph Fucetola JD Until it is not profitable for them to do so, insurers will keep pushing drugs and surgeries on consumers as their only healthcare options. The Affordable Care Act became law in January of 2014.  Section 2706 of this law prohibits health insurance payers from discriminating against any provider who is acting within their legal scope of practice.   The trouble is, this law is vague and the government is not going to clarify what it means without serious litigation.[1] Congress intended the Affordable Care Act to require insurers to cover the services of any provider who is qualified by state law to provide care for ailments (example: for low back pain)…
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