IHR Journal 2019

IHR Journal 2019 Edition

[12] Deuterium – The Alchemy of Water
Msgr. Prof. [Dr. of Med.] Charles McWilliams


Appreciable concentrations of deuterium laden water mixed in ordinary, drinking water have been found to be harmful to living organisms. Experiments for many years on cancer patients fed Deuterium depleted water have shown remarkable healing effects. Heavy water causes the metabolism to operate  at suboptimal rates, even reaching the point of biological death. Thus, deuterium (D2O) in ordinary tap and bottled water is an inherent poison we drink everyday.

Deuterium is part of nature. In water it is most concentrated around the equator and less concentrated in glacial water. We must delve into the nuclear physics and find out just what it is in this trace amount of heavy water that makes it part of the natural ageing process of biological life on Earth. From here we can learn also its rejuvenating and medicinal properties.