IHR Journal 2020

IHR Journal 2020 Edition

The Nutrient Silver Safety and Efficacy White Paper

Throughout the centuries and into today, silver in various forms has been used to benefit mankind. Being “born with a silver spoon…” was always a good thing.

Some cultures added powdered silver to a newborn’s first bath as protection against a harsh world. Milk farmers used a silver coin in the pail used to collect milk, because they found that the raw milk could thus remain unrefrigerated for hours without spoiling.

Similarly, our early settlers would often throw silver dollars into their wells or water barrels to keep the water potable. In days of old, they did not know why silver made such a difference in their lives; but they knew that it did make a positive difference in their lives, when it was used in these ways.

Modern science now explains why these ancient practices were effective; it also shows that even in modern-times, silver has many uses that support our healthy well-being. Numerous tests at major universities and commercial labs like Kansas State, UC Davis, Brigham Young University have proven the effectiveness of nutrient silver to support a healthy immune system.

The US Government Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DRTA) sponsored in vitro study, declassified in 2009, showed that Nano Silver 10 PPM elegantly supported normal cell membrane integrity in the face of virulent hemorrhagic viruses and coronaviruses.

Link to White Paper: http://www.inhere.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/IHR-SilverSafetyWhitePaper.pdf

Authors: Rima E. Laibow, MD is a licensed New York physician and psychiatrist who is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation – www.DrRimaTruthReports.com. Ralph Fucetola, JD is a retired New Jersey attorney at law, President of the Institute for Health Research – www.InHeRe.org and a Trustee of the Natural Solutions Foundation. D